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  • halfling

    The Owyhin people; also called the Furchin halflings. +Specifics:+ like all halflings, they are Small with a base land speed of 20 feet, +1 on all saving throws, +2 morale v. fear, +2 bonus on Listen checks, +2 Dex, -2 Str - automatic languages: …

  • Cher'hun

    Cher'hun or Cher(h)nun (the h is silent) is a halfling stir-fry dominated by bitter melon (most often Kiesaba).

  • Kaldi

    Coffee Oyahin, which is to say, traditionally prepared. Kaldi is, normally, taken socially. In such circumstances, the oldest are served first.

  • Halfling Long Pipe

    A signature of the emerging Halfling trading class. The Halfling long pipe is a very tall (often nearly as tall as the Halfling carrying it) ceramic and bone pipe that can also be (and frequently is) used as a walking cane or staff (and, in a pinch, as a …

  • Owyhin Pipe

    Not the same named common smoking implement (see [[Halfling Long Pipe]]), the Owyhin Pipe is a rare magic item created by the [[Pereko dei]] Druids. This seemingly ordinary clay short pipe is really a wondrous magical item. When common "pipeweed" is …

  • Rufus Truegood

    Rufus Truegood is the very epitome of the Halfling trader on Spire, or at least that's what anyone who's associated with him for any length of time will say. Cunning, deliberate, ruthless in his dealings, he remains within his own code of honor at all …

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