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  • abyss dust

    Distilled from a sunburst flower, this narcotic looks like ashes, with a rich black and gray colour. It is administered through inhalation or smoking. Some hard-core users like to mix this drug with [[snakeweed]], claiming the [[snakeweed]] "takes the …

  • snakeweed

    Sunburst flower is the source of this drug. The dried flowers or leaves are smoked, ;producing a feeling of serene calm, a deadening of pain, and slight euphoria. Many use this drug as an escape from the trials and tribulations of everyday life.

  • Opium

    This plant derivative induces a tranquil sensation when inhaled. the narcotic properties affect motor movement and memory. In the current generation, it is very popular with Alusian aristocracy. *"

  • Baccaran

    Pasty substance, dried and kept as a powder (though sometimes left in paste form)

  • Devilweed

    Leaves from the wyssin plant, dried and rolled into a tobaccolike substance. Smoked.

  • Luhix

    Powdered stalks of plants that grow only in the Abyss.

  • Dreammist

    Also called Mordayn Vapor. The roughly ground leaves of a rare herb found in deep forests

  • Redflower Leaves

    These crushed leaves of a tiny red bog flower (indigenous to the [[Great Southern Swamp]] are known for their ability to improve hand-eye coordination.

  • Vodare

    An extremely bitter brown powder, [[vodare]] is usually mixed with honeyed water or sweet wine to dilute the taste.

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