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  • Bloody Vengeance

    An [[Orc]] pirate vessel seized by [[:39755]] in early 321 p.e. *Crew* Captain[[:39755]], First Mate [[:39861]], Navigator [[:39864]], Also: [[:39859]], [[:39862]], and [[:39863]].

  • Fearless

    Surviving warship from the Lloroi Imperial era. The vessel was part of the [[Malhendi]] Navy until 320 p.e. where it became part of the [[Malhendi Remnant]] and part of [[Vorange]]. Ship is primarily propelled by oars and sails.

  • Magnificant Bastard

    The Magnificant Bastard – privateer/free trader small (single masted) Sailing ship (Two decks, single mast. Length 60’-SO’, beam 20‘-30‘, draft 5’-8’. Standard crew is 10 sailors, 1 captain. Capacity 100,000 cn plus crew. Moves 90 mi/day (150 feet/ …

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