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  • Ejlayess Llysfaen

    Elven from Alusia (originally from Ptolustius); born to the "petty aristocracy" (those noble families who were left largely penniless at the end of the War) Aristocrat to 294 p.e., became fighter until 296 or thereabouts and became a thief for a year …

  • Garret Leagallow

    One of the first crew members hired on, initially hired to serve as healer and to deal with various large fish. Recently returned home, rejecting Captain Skipping Rock's official position of First Mate.

  • Urkin of Clan Razorcrown

    Joined crew after initiating a Surka on his Chieftain and failing. Died 344-320 p.e. fighting dragon turtle on voyage to Globe Isle. Owen Bannor raised him from the dead; he converted to Karsus on the spot. +2 wooden shield.

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