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  • Tomb of Absothor

    Tomb of the last priest of the [[Church of All Light]], located in the [[Valley of the Shrines]], and the last location within the church barony to fall.

  • Age of Chains

    The period of the [[Lloroi Imperium]]'s expansion into [[Castafon]] and the subsequent exploitation and slavery of it's inhabitants, most particularly the [[dwarf]]s. More generally, a period - beginning some 1900 years ago - during which the other …

  • The Nine Demon Princes

    The Nine Demon Princes, bound within [[Shadowlock Prison]] for 9,000 years, which escaped in 313 p.e., their bindings (within the [[Elven Book of Life]]) loosened by parties unknown. The summer of 313 p.e. saw the Nine Demon Princes walk the world, …

  • Mercenaries

    At the dawn of the century (c. 300 p.e.) the Bright Empire recognized it's own inability (given it's ever expanding size) to exert total control everywhere within it's expanding realm - most especially within the (then emergent) Baronies. On the …

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