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  • Alusia

    Alusia is the southernmost of the two continents known on Spire. Until 320 years ago it was the seat of the [[Lloroi Eladrinar]]. As of 321 p.e. the continent is broken into five provinces, each largely autonomous but paying lip service (to varying …

  • Fearless

    Surviving warship from the Lloroi Imperial era. The vessel was part of the [[Malhendi]] Navy until 320 p.e. where it became part of the [[Malhendi Remnant]] and part of [[Vorange]]. Ship is primarily propelled by oars and sails.

  • barber

    In traditional Alusian society, Barbers wear their heads shaved to indicate their status. Barbers are responsible for the shoring of hair, dentistry, and surgery - in some regions, the profession of barber is synonymous with "healer." The barbers of …

  • Corellon Larethian

    Corellon Larethian (male Elven) Greater Deity of Elves, Magic, Music, Arts and Crafts, War (spring, beauty, patron of arcane magic) Holy Symbol: Silver Crescent Moon chaotic Good Domains: Chaos, Good, Magic, Protection, War Prestige …

  • Seldarine

    Properly - the Seldarine Emanna or Bel'Seldaarine. the Seldarine also include belief in Garotto (household gods), Delucta (ancestor gods) and of course the Emanna (Manifestations of the Primal; e.g. the Seldarine proper)

  • Khorsarian Elves

    The Khorsarvites – the “wild” elves of Khorsar Retaining their ancestors fair complexions, with Silver hair and amber eyes or pale golden hair and violet eyes. Quite frequently the young will dye their hair red or blonde as to better camoflage …

  • Age of Chains

    The period of the [[Lloroi Imperium]]'s expansion into [[Castafon]] and the subsequent exploitation and slavery of it's inhabitants, most particularly the [[dwarf]]s. More generally, a period - beginning some 1900 years ago - during which the other …

  • Miri

    Actually Parthimar Sailrhymer, aka "Miri" et. al. Alusian Eladrinar of the Gray Caste; from Ptolustius First Mate aboard the Bloody Vengeance.

  • Aramil

    Spent the latter half of 320 p.e. with pneumonia, it ruined his health (Con 6 thereafter). Both grandparents fought in the [[Imperial Civil War]].

  • Ejlayess Llysfaen

    Elven from Alusia (originally from Ptolustius); born to the "petty aristocracy" (those noble families who were left largely penniless at the end of the War) Aristocrat to 294 p.e., became fighter until 296 or thereabouts and became a thief for a year …

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