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  • druid

    *Recent History* Druids torn by strife and internal conflict from 319 – early 321 p.e. When the warring factions called the Parliament of the Green – a meeting of the various sects. Those called signed the Accord of the Green, ending the Druid War. …

  • Pereko dei

    The Pereko-dei. (From Pereko - Literally: “Those Who place fire into their purse.” and Dei, Literally, 'a modifier to accommodate foreign gods'). The halfling followers of Inzaa, the female aspect of the Earth dragon. Inzaa (In’ Zay): Inzaa existed …

  • Garret Leagallow

    One of the first crew members hired on, initially hired to serve as healer and to deal with various large fish. Recently returned home, rejecting Captain Skipping Rock's official position of First Mate.

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