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  • Alusia

    Alusia is the southernmost of the two continents known on Spire. Until 320 years ago it was the seat of the [[Lloroi Eladrinar]]. As of 321 p.e. the continent is broken into five provinces, each largely autonomous but paying lip service (to varying …

  • Miasmata Theory

    Current and most widely accepted notion of the cause of (at least many) diseases. Specifically, it holds that a noxious form of "black air" or "bad air" can cause sickness, disesae, and epidemic. Called 'Miasma,' such air is considered to be a poisonous …

  • barber

    In traditional Alusian society, Barbers wear their heads shaved to indicate their status. Barbers are responsible for the shoring of hair, dentistry, and surgery - in some regions, the profession of barber is synonymous with "healer." The barbers of …

  • Opium

    This plant derivative induces a tranquil sensation when inhaled. the narcotic properties affect motor movement and memory. In the current generation, it is very popular with Alusian aristocracy. *"

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