Fallen Spire

Isilya, the 12th of Lotesse
The archmage rampant, assails the Abyss and so finds himself again


While the Archmage Olias lays siege to Rosenstrasse to rescue Tamilyn, the rest of the party travel to the parallel world of Averoigne to recover the soul of Chuko.

Jade Serpent trumps Yellow Sign

134-321 p.e.

Perhaps an hour after dusk, Milton’s Folly – after having been lit for perhaps fifteen minutes – exploded in a blast of gold and green light that vaporized the top five floors.

Wil survives by dint of having a moment of divine warning and fleeing (whilest flying ) when the massive 20d6 blast takes out the building. A round before, Parthimar dodged the collapsing roof by literally rolling down the stairs and so it is with some grim humor that she becomes the only other surviving member of the crew of the Vengeance. Kairog died bringing the hurt to the last of Sea Lord Drac’s minions.

In the immediate aftermath, Wil recovers the Jade Serpent, the spear that Kairog had brought from the sunken temple to Yig, and a shell shocked Parthimar and the pair limp to the beach. In the excitement of the aftermath, the pair are conspicuously lost in the crowd.

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