Sister Dawntouched

Bahamut's Messenger and Bringer of Law and Good


Paladin of Bahamut, dispatched from “Beyond the West Wind” in the Seven Mounting Heavens to assist in bringing His message to the people of Hohenare and Castafon at large. Wears scale mail, carries a tower shield and a pick. Right handed. Platinum blonde hair with unyielding blue eyes.


Born and raised in the realms Beyond the West Wind, Dawntouched is an Aasimar among Aasimar. She has spent her entire life within the pure and sacrosanct places, where no moral shades of gray exist. Given her short stay on the Prime Material Plane of Spire, she is still learning that reality here doesn’t quite measure up to “back home” and is trying to reconcile the fact that Evil can’t always be immediately destroyed on sight.

Sent with Bahamut’s express instructions – to bring the light of His Glory and Rectitude and serve the people of Spire – she intends to live up to His expectations if not surpass them.

Dawntouched is the granddaughter of a union between a Trumpet Archon and a high-ranking member of Bahamut’s clergy. Her family lineage serves as a reminder of her purpose in life, as a messenger and herald.

Her life on Mount Celestia has left her with some very unusual hold-over behaviours. She has no nudity taboo (dragons are always nude), she does not speak nor write Trade Tongue (it doesn’t exist as a language back home), she does not question authority unless it is evil, she drops into prayer and reverence at even the most minor achievement

Sister Dawntouched

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