Rufus Truegood

Halfling Trader, Made Man


Rufus Truegood is a low-level Halfling Rogue, specializing in trading and social encounters. He carries four daggers, one strapped to each wrist and one in each of his knee-high boots. A shortsword rounds out his weaponry, and he is proficient with a hand-crossbow, even though he doesn’t currently wield one. More often than not, he wears his leather pants openly, while concealing the leather vest of his armor under standard, bright colored tops. His sharpest skill is Appraisal, with Diplomacy a close second. He’s left handed.


Rufus Truegood is the very epitome of the Halfling trader on Spire, or at least that’s what anyone who’s associated with him for any length of time will say. Cunning, deliberate, ruthless in his dealings, he remains within his own code of honor at all times. Having grown up on the Halfling’s home island(s), he spent most of his youth tending the family’s coffee plantation and learning the tricks of running a successful business venture. Just before the age of majority, he was sent traveling with the clan’s fleet and eventually ended up in Freeport. It was here that he truly learned his craft, and quickly meshed into the Halfling Benevolent Association, where he became a made-man before his 23rd year.

Rufus is blonde haired and blue eyed, with coffee brown, heavily freckled skin from his lifetime spent outdoors. He wears very fine, very large brimmed hats – most often with feathers – out of habit, shading his face and neck against the equatorial sun. Of late, he has affected a pair of plain glass eyeglasses, specifically of a pince nez style. As a final touch to his outfit, he almost always wears a yellow-green saffron cloak, in honor of Yondalla.

Unlike many halflings, Rufus lets his facial hair fill in. He sports mutton-chops and a light goatee, both of which he maintains tidily. He wears his hair slightly long, the light curl being a distinctly Halfling trait. His hands are only lightly calloused, with the nails being buffed and manicured regularly. Overall, Rufus’ grooming is most impeccable, a matter he takes great pride in.

In manner and speech, he is deliberate and methodical. He speaks with a metered grace, and without any discernible accent unless he is agitated. When among family, he may occasionally allow a hint of his native island accent slip through when speaking Halfling. He retains much of the Halfling gregariousness, preferring to be amongst people whenever possible and not displaying any inherent bias as regards race, creed, or gender. Ever since he was young, when a wandering minstrel toured the home islands, he has fancied himself an amateur bard. As such, he carries and sometimes plays a pair of bongo drums.

As a result of his time spent among the larger races, he has become quite cosmopolitan. While he retains a preference for Halfling cuisine, he has developed quite the appreciation for both Orc and Dwarven cooking. He tends to find Human food a bit bland and predictable and Elven cuisine a bit too exotic.

Rufus’ current ambition is primarily focused on assisting the Association expand its operations outside of Freeport.

Rufus Truegood

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