Animal Companion to Drenthaliana


An adult jaguar, Pony is represented by the rules for Leopards in D&D 3.0 Monster Manual. Weighing roughly 130 pounds, he serves both as scout and melee partner for the Druid.


Pony is the lifelong companion of Drenthaliana, having been raised nearly from birth by the soon-to-be-Druid. He represents a voice of reason at times when such is in short supply. While not always the best judge of character, he often warns Dren of impending danger and more often than not takes an enemy’s attack instead of her. He’s an extension of her, fangs and claws just waiting for her command to spring to action and guard her while she rests.

To his mind, Dren is literally family. They share everything: the thrill of the hunt, the joy of discovery, a warm sunbeam on a lazy afternoon, even a fresh kill. She is able to keep up with most of his rough housing, and can bring down flying prey more reliably than he himself can on most occasions.

In appearance, Pony is very representative of the jaguar species common to Khorsar. His base coat is tawny yellow, with darker yellow and black rosettes providing natural camouflage in his natural jungle habitat.

He favors smaller, faster moving prey to larger and/or slower animals that struggle less. In general, he is a stalk-and-ambush predator rather than engaging in chase predation. Like many cats, he will circle a dead meal several times before settling in to devour it.

Threat behaviour is displayed by a very specific range of growl, a steady lashing of his tail, and/or a bunching of the leg muscles.

Overall, Pony acts as guardian-protector, companion, confidante, sometimes-provider, playmate and best friend to Drenthaliana.


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