Dame Hildebraun Relicseeker, Knight of the Golden Chalice and Knight of Vorange


Hildebraun Relicseeker is a Dwarf of nearly 45 years, and though her appearance has changed drastically and frequently, it is now thought set until age and experience alter it further. He is 4’1” tall, weighing nearly 140 pounds. His beard if full and prominent, suited for a dwarf of his stature. Hildebraun is built as a warrior ought be, his image cast by his companion Corian’s Polymorph Other spell during a flight from their principal antagonist. Rarely seen out of his armor, Hildebraun sometimes wears either traveler’s or explorer’s garb. The halo that rises atop his head is unique to the world of Spire, and highlights facial features brightly even in the darkest night. The face it reveals is expressive, though worn deeply with the marks of joy, loss, sorrow and passion.


Born in the Dwarven settlement of Duvik’s pass, and instructed by the Cleric Samael, she began her career as Moradin’s first Paladin. Hildebraun’s adventures started on the first day of winter in the year 320. After defeating a cultist of Gruumsh on her first foray into the world of adventuring, she headed south to Falcon’s Hollow to try and secure food and supplies to get her clan through the winter. Many adventures have followed this one, and despite losing a great many companions at the onset of her journey, she has formed three close friendships and an unlikely lesbian-cum-heterosexual relationship with the Half-Orc, Vola Earthblood. She has completed her Quest, though her name remains Relicseeker.

Pronouns may apply differently to Hildebraun, as her tale is complex. Many still consider her a woman, and as such she will be buried. Her life at this time, however, appears to follow the path of a male. That story, along with many others, will be told by the Bards of the Dwarven Kingdom for as long as they can be remembered. Perhaps it will be shared here in time.


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