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Box of Rocks Druid


Low level Druid, committed to none of the Druid factions of Castafon. Chaotic Neutral. A moderately skilled healer with sufficient Wisdom to grant some bonus spells. An Intellect score of 7 leaves her stupid, while the aforementioned Wisdom grants great common sense and a depth to her insight that sometimes leaves people wondering if she is some form of savant.


Drenthaliana, or Dren as most would call her, is a relatively young – at 127 years – Khorsarian Elf. She was left behind by her war-band on a scouting expedition, and has therefore struck out on her own. She travels with Pony, her jaguar animal companion, and bumbles innocently about the wilds of northern Castafon

Most of her youth was spent in naive play, her flawed mind having manifested fairly early in life. When the time came to choose a path in life, she wandered off into the woods and stumbled into the den of a jaguar and her newborn cubs. After three days of intense search, her parents found her snuggled up in the mother’s den with a cub that would go on to become her best friend and companion Pony. (The name comes from the fact that a friend told her, when asked what the jaguar cub was, that it was a pony)

Years passed as she trained in the ways of the Druid, attuning herself to nature and taking great interest in the circle of life, death and rebirth. Unlike many, she understands that the strong will survive and will feed upon the weak, and has no compunctions against eating meat nor feeding it to Pony. She does, however, insist on reverence to the creature whose life was lost.

Six months before the onset of the game, she was finally allowed to tag along on a war party. While most of the band rode stags, she remained on foot. After several days of this, her party tired and simply misled her into wandering astray before they returned home. While it is nearly certain that she could find her way back, the curiosity of her companion, mixed with her own innocence, led her to journey the opposite direction.

It was thus that she nearly tripped right over her new travelling companion, Nanette Longbottom, whom she primarily calls “Nanny”. As Nanette had disguised herself as an Elven child, she quickly came to trust the Human Rogue, believing her to be some sort of shapeshifter after a few changes of disguise. The two became fast friends, of a sort, or at least have come to a mutually workable arrangement for survival and progress.

In appearance, Dren might best be described as ethereal, willowy, slender and perhaps even athletic or nimble. Where she lacks intellect, she compensates with physical agility and a strangely insightful world view. At six feet even, weighing 115 pounds, she may appear nearly anorexic. In truth, it is her metabolism and her constant exercise that keeps her in such shape. Though fading, her silver hair has been inexpertly dyed an unnatural shade of red, braided equally ineptly with holly and mistletoe sprigs along its nearly waist-long expanse. Purple eyes and distinctly Elven cheeks and ears round out her appearance. Most often, she is dressed in traditional forest browns and greens and decked out in leather armor. She even sometimes remembers that she has a shield.

Uncannily accurate with a sling or short spear, even at close range, she tends to keep her foes at as much distance as possible. She fights with a long spear like a creature possessed, though when pressed is just as poignant with a short spear. Most fights are joined by her granting Magic Fang upon Pony and sending him ahead into the fray.

Drenthaliana Walks-The-Wood

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