Sister Mayhem

High Priestess of Maruda in Freeport


Cleric/Fighter 8/8 HP 120

Carries a greatsword as well as a sickle.


The leader of the warrior priestesses is a towering, barrel-chested brawler who took the name Sister Mayhem when she ascended to the ranks of the holy battlers. Sister Mayhem was a bouncer at the Broken Mug (down at the Docks) as a young woman, but after having her clock thoroughly cleaned, polished, and put on display in that establishment by a warrior priestess of Maruda, she decided she had found her new calling. Mayhem was the undisputed champion of the fights at the Docks for three years, during which time she managed to win the position of high priestess for herself by defeating the previous office holder in single combat Mayhem retired from the fights two years ago (319 p.e.) to give others a chance at the title belt. Since then, she has faced many challenges from those of her flock aspiring to take over her position.

Sister Mayhem

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