Ejlayess Llysfaen


6’0” 141 pounds gold hair violet eyes 151 years old

Aristocrat/Fighter/Rogue/Bard 1/4/4/8


Elven from Alusia (originally from Ptolustius); born to the “petty aristocracy” (those noble families who were left largely penniless at the end of the War) Aristocrat to 294 p.e., became fighter until 296 or thereabouts and became a thief for a year after that. Attended the great Bardic College form 297 p.e. to 304 p.e.

In 304 the love of his life was kidnapped by one of the nascent Barons; given fifty days to make ransom. Takes to the sea. Brings ransom only to find that she’s staying with the Baron.

Ejlayess Llysfaen

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