Fallen Spire

The Gatecrashers Encounter The Mahrut

After an extended trip to Chouko’s homeland, Chouko along with Qixi, Sophone and Rendonna shift back to Gatecrasher Keep just in time to be a moment behind an arriving Mahrut who had just arrived to end Olias’ life. The arrival of the Mahrut woke Gerfried by shifting his tower at its foundations as well as drawing out some of his life energy. The fabulous Lynn brothers all fell during the initial incursion, along with Survillo. Sophone was put on her ass on arrival by the earth tremors heralding the Mahrut’s arrival. Chouko semi-voluntarily returned to fox form, but quickly charged forward upon realizing that the Keep might be threatened, crossing the rift in the walls in time to get a glimpse of the intruder and then rushing towards it with magically enhanced speed. The Mahrut vanished and Chouko retasked herself and the rest of her away party with damage control and stabilizing the fallen.

Gerfried arrived on the scene after chugging a potion of flight, hearing the commotion of Chouko’s cry for the fallen, he promptly launched himself across the courtyard and enlarged himself magically en route. Chouko stabilized one of the Lynn’s and then joined Gerfried in rushing towards the intruder, who had – moments before – leveled Olias’ tower with arcane lightning. Tamlyn leaps onto the creature ineffectually in an attack. Both Gerfried and Chouko arrive just in time for Olias to drop the Mahrut and then stuff it through a Gate to the quasi-elemental plane of vacuum with the admonition that it would return momentarily.

Moments later, the creature returns and dropped Tamly, Gerfried and Chouko with its spells. Gerfried woke up in a long-forgotten clone shell in Olias’ bag of holding, resulting in a severe bout of dissociation and body dysmorphia.

In time, all the fallen are either stabilized and brought around or laid out in the courtyard. Vash and Clarice are pulled from their retreat at Mez’s sanctuary and castle and returned to Gatecrasher Keep in time to assist with cleanup.



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