Fallen Spire

Gatecrashers and the Ark of the Meme

After the rest of the ‘Crashers have gone to bed, Tamilyn finds that she cannot sleep (largely because Olias and Chouko haven’t come back yet). She finds that Vash is also restless and so whiles away part of the evening reading to the Bariaur from one of the books Olias brought back from Ptolustius. Some time passes and they find they are each in their own way restless and bored. So Tamilyn asks “Wanna do some Pesh?” And then the fun began…........ In short order the two of them get sufficiently loaded and then charge out into the world to do battle with, erm, something. By four in the morning, the pair of them are marching back to the keep with nine former wild boars in tow (pork!) and having sicced 6 warriors from a bronze horn of valhalla on one of the gnomish settlements to the southeast. Both of them are covered in blood, most of it not theirs. Most.

After a night’s rest and/or recreation and the return of Chouko and Olias, the Guild form up to sally out to the crater housing the Engram Ark. With the entire group, sans Keep functionaries, they teleport off to the crater and are promptly greeted by the Greater Guardian returning with a captive cow. Tribute is demanded and provided and the group proceed in two groupings to the Ark itself. After entering and proceeding down the ramp to the Rune Sea, Clarice greets the Memekeeper and explains that she and Gerfried have brought other hosts for engrams. In ones and twos, the rest troop into the main chamber. The Keeper seems a bit the worse for wear, but shrugs off repeated attempts to render aid, saying only that such aid is unavailable on this world. In very short order, Vash is invited to set forth into the Rune Sea and takes on a green engram glyph with an attached male personality fragment. Tamilyn is next in for a blue engram, followed promptly by Chouko for the same color and more reluctantly by Qixi who takes on a white engram glyph. Olias slips in only with some peer pressure, returning to the surface with a black spherical engram on his forehead. Clarice returns to the Sea and lets her existing engram slough off in exchange for a green engram as well. The Guild shortly thereafter return, exhausted, to the Keep.

The next day or so are lazy ones as the whole of the guild, save Gerfried and Olias are processing the engrams that are settling into each of them. Gerfried and Clarice are, meanwhile, each noting a set of unusual symptoms – Gerfried wakes in a somewhat altered state, vaguely resembling being drunk while Clarice wakes with a rash.

Inspired by a comment in conversation with Clarice and Gerfried, Olias opts to scry upon and visit Dale Goldenthread, now the Great Druid, and “borrow a druid” to help the area surrounding the keep recover from the after effects of the skyfall. Taking Qixi with him, Olias pops over to the druid held regions of New Castafon and – eventually – sees his friend (who meets Qixi – and briefly mistakes hir for the “Tiefling sorceress presently using constructs to rebuild Nefarion to the south.”) – in short order, Dale sends Dikeledi, an awakened weasel (and refugee from “Druid Valley”) back with the pair.



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