Fallen Spire

Gatecrashers and the Ark of the Meme

After the rest of the ‘Crashers have gone to bed, Tamilyn finds that she cannot sleep (largely because Olias and Chouko haven’t come back yet). She finds that Vash is also restless and so whiles away part of the evening reading to the Bariaur from one of the books Olias brought back from Ptolustius. Some time passes and they find they are each in their own way restless and bored. So Tamilyn asks “Wanna do some Pesh?” And then the fun began…........ In short order the two of them get sufficiently loaded and then charge out into the world to do battle with, erm, something. By four in the morning, the pair of them are marching back to the keep with nine former wild boars in tow (pork!) and having sicced 6 warriors from a bronze horn of valhalla on one of the gnomish settlements to the southeast. Both of them are covered in blood, most of it not theirs. Most.

After a night’s rest and/or recreation and the return of Chouko and Olias, the Guild form up to sally out to the crater housing the Engram Ark. With the entire group, sans Keep functionaries, they teleport off to the crater and are promptly greeted by the Greater Guardian returning with a captive cow. Tribute is demanded and provided and the group proceed in two groupings to the Ark itself. After entering and proceeding down the ramp to the Rune Sea, Clarice greets the Memekeeper and explains that she and Gerfried have brought other hosts for engrams. In ones and twos, the rest troop into the main chamber. The Keeper seems a bit the worse for wear, but shrugs off repeated attempts to render aid, saying only that such aid is unavailable on this world. In very short order, Vash is invited to set forth into the Rune Sea and takes on a green engram glyph with an attached male personality fragment. Tamilyn is next in for a blue engram, followed promptly by Chouko for the same color and more reluctantly by Qixi who takes on a white engram glyph. Olias slips in only with some peer pressure, returning to the surface with a black spherical engram on his forehead. Clarice returns to the Sea and lets her existing engram slough off in exchange for a green engram as well. The Guild shortly thereafter return, exhausted, to the Keep.

The next day or so are lazy ones as the whole of the guild, save Gerfried and Olias are processing the engrams that are settling into each of them. Gerfried and Clarice are, meanwhile, each noting a set of unusual symptoms – Gerfried wakes in a somewhat altered state, vaguely resembling being drunk while Clarice wakes with a rash.

Inspired by a comment in conversation with Clarice and Gerfried, Olias opts to scry upon and visit Dale Goldenthread, now the Great Druid, and “borrow a druid” to help the area surrounding the keep recover from the after effects of the skyfall. Taking Qixi with him, Olias pops over to the druid held regions of New Castafon and – eventually – sees his friend (who meets Qixi – and briefly mistakes hir for the “Tiefling sorceress presently using constructs to rebuild Nefarion to the south.”) – in short order, Dale sends Dikeledi, an awakened weasel (and refugee from “Druid Valley”) back with the pair.

Gatecrashers meet Revenant

Upon returning to Gatecrasher Keep after various misadventures, the Guild sets out to find out what’s been going on. Vash and Chouko go in search of Qixi and her ragtag band, arriving at the field of poppies the next morning. They promptly encounter one of the Ark Guardians – the largest of three – and are asked for tribute before being allowed on their way. Vash foists off a set of towels and some soap, to which Chouko adds a magical wand and her ill-fitting tiny vest before explaining that they are friends of Gerfried and Clarice. The Guardian allows them to continue their search for Qixi and company, whom they track to Benobles in rather short order.

There, they reunite and make way back to the Keep – pausing once for Chouko to plant of of Nicholas’ beans in the spot where she’d previously planted a different one. Immediately, she and Vash are caught up in a magical ice storm and the rest of the group come to full readiness. Once the danger subsides, Chouko gets to play in the snow a bit before the group get back underway.

Once home, Qixi and Chouko explain to Olias exactly what has transpired in the time the main front of the Guild has been gone and that Qixi’s actions are directly responsible for the Mahrut’s melting to slag. Chouko explains to Olias that the poppies could easily be used to start a drug trade, but he declines and explains that with magical healing readily available the only purpose opium would serve would be as an addictive drug.

Chouko, Vash and Olias shortly depart for the Templekeep of Mes and find him en flagrante delecto with the High Priest of Karsus – Owen Bannor. The moment quickly broken and passed, the trio introduce themselves and Chouko launches into a bardic retelling of their Keep and its immediate surroundings which piques Owen’s curiosity quickly. Specifically the part about the devil-infested Duchy of Crimmor. During this tale, Vash is pulled aside gently so that she may be officially recognized as a Holy Liberator of Lysander by the Temple Prostitute – Dru.

Upon returning, Mes and Vash find Owen gearing up in preparation of a crusade against Crimor. It is revealed that Bannor began his previous career (that of a Paladin) in the town of Fairhill as one of the founding members of the Revenants – a group of crusading heroes known throughout Castafon. Having more than a small amount of personal investiture, he wishes to see what has become of Waymarch for himself.

And so it is that Bannor and Mes return with Olias, Chouko, and Vash to Gatecrasher Keep, at which time Bannor and Mes (With Vash in tow) are teleported to just outside Crimmor. Vash gives them the lay of the land and then heads back to the Keep, following a mysterious trafficker in Crimmor’s indentured/slave pens to one of the still standing Way Inns along the south road before turning east. On her return trip, she stops briefly at both the Way Inn that the Gatecrashers helped restore earlier in the year and at the town of Millthorpe. Along the way she gathers rumors to the effect that Waymarch is concerned about the “neighboring satrapy emerging to our east.” (i.e. Lord Aetherflame and Gatecrasher Keep.)

Thereafter, returning to the Keep and reporting her findings at breakfast the following morning, the discussion turns to the news brought by Qixi regarding the new settlement near Lightelf. Amidst much discussion of “many irons in the fire,” the days chores are outlined. Olias sends Gerfried off with a teleport scroll so that he, Clarice, Vash, and Tamilyn can travel rapidly to the Engram Ark.

Instead, the four mis-teleport and arrive at the lip of an arctic volcanic crater overshadowed by an immense statue of a dragon. Burning the last of the scroll they return somewhat defeated. In the aftermath, Chouko and Olias use the cubic gate to pop over to North Pole City to meet with Marl Tyro.

They do in fact meet with Marl Tyro, who hands off the “primal artifact” (!) that will be serving as his (and their) “introduction gift” to the Lord that Tyro and the ‘Crashers seek to do business with. Tyro furnishes them with a map of the Kaidanese region and a general understanding of and lay of the land. Quite clearly, Tyro is feeling pursued or watched and so Olias offers to transport them all to a more secure place of converse – they pop to the Sand Dragon Inn to conclude their business. In the course of his briefing, Tyro makes it known that the land through which they will be traveling is under a great curse – which is what seperates this former Crane colony from the mainland. However, the island that they will be beginning on (Gaijinoshima) is a town based around three portals (one of which works and is controlled by the yakuza, one of which hasn’t worked in hundreds of years, and one of which is “glitchy” but works one way….sometimes) that the yakuza use to control trade with other worlds.

Thereafter, Olias and Chouko return to N.P.C. to let Tyro go his own way. Contemplating their return to the Keep, Olias wishes to pursue Chouko’s desire to track down her homeland (accessible primarily via the NPC gate). They bluff their way into the Gate Pyramid and find two of the city’s elder magi holding an open debate regarding the portals. With some quick thinking on Chouko’s part, her and Olias offer their services to “fix their problem.” A woman they have not seen before, but presumably one of the Mage-Governors of the city, teleports in and is giving their offer a fair shake when suddenly the portals all go back on-line.

Immediately, white clad armored halberders begin filing out of one portal (the portal to Talim Shilbari). As a confrontation looms, the pair charge through the portal to Shiranbansho and are confronted by twenty or thirty deeply fearful peasants and freemen, of mixed Yonshono and Dai Nam ancestry. The apparent destruction of the White Moon and the scattering of the “Moon’s Milk” across to (now) encompass nearly the whole of the night sky has fed a frenzied panic in the Empire of the Crane (indeed, rumor suggests rioting in the cities of the north). In a masterstroke, Chouko convinces each of the 30 or so faithful gathered that while things are changing nothing is to fear – the best thing that can be done is go back home and carry on with life; the world is not crashing down. So successful is she that the crowd is, at once convinced, scurries back to their villages to share this bizarre hope meme. For such a masterful ‘trick’ within her spirit shrine, Chouko gains her fourth tail.

After her and Olias discuss what to do next (over an hour and no one follows them through the portal), they opt to use the cube gate to pop over to the Kaidanese town of Gaijanoshima, built around three such portals – the intent is to scout the terrain the characters will be dealing with over the coming days and possibly weeks.

Instead, they find that all three of the portals are online and fully functional. Opting to seize the opportunity, rather than explore the town (which, locally is experiencing the deepest part of night, around 4 am) they go plunging through what they believe to be the non-functional portal, now mysteriously back online.

And they emerge on a jagged rocky landscape, cleared to landing strip smoothness in a radius about an immense pyramidal structure, underneath a pink, gaseous sky.

After some debate, they approach the structure, only to find that they portal through which they have stepped is moving and in fact it glides through the air until it enters the pyramid through a large hole in the front. Reaching the side of the immense structure, Olias attempts some manner of travel magic….....and is immediately afflicted by some bizarre malady leaving him convulsing and nearly unconscious (and apparently, temporarily somewhat blind). As Chouko fights back panic, she lays a cure song on him to no avail.

A large three legged (tentacled?) metal construct descends from the pyramid and gathers them up in it’s open top. The controls remind Chouko of the “Crab aparatus” that she climbed into in the ruins of Ptolustiusi several tenday ago. The immense tripod ascends the side of the pyramid with them in two.

It becomes apparent that the pyramidal structure is in fact one of two – a smaller pyramid floating over a much larger, flat topped, one. They are carried into the smaller of the two and desposited in front of a portal. Olias at this point seems to be recovering but is still showing clear signs of disorientation. After a moment, they step through the portal…to find themself elsewhere within this massive structure.

An hour or so passes in which time the pair explore the apparently empty building. Twice they are confronted by illusions of red skinned humanoids who speak a language similar, in some respects, to Chouko’s language. Each time their translation magics fail. (Eventually it’s recognized that both the illusions and the gatecrashers are using translation magics and it’s cancelling out both effects). At long last they reach a control room which seems to be able to learn Chouko’s language…and to respond to her (unintentional) control to whistle up a new portal just outside the control room window.

Amazed but overwhelmed they debate what to do and finally decide to head back to the Keep, (or try to) and – if successful return here after they complete their obligation to Tyro.

The Gatecrashers Make A New Friend

Shortly after their shopping trip, the bulk of the Guild are gathered for a meal. A commotion outside is brought to their attention with a body laying flopped out in the front doorway. Chouko, Sophone, Tamlyn and Clarice rush to join battle against the several hired killers assaulting the Sand Dragon Inn. At the end of the fray, only three of the Inn’s guards are left alive and all of the intruders are quite dead. A few moments of conversation and Olias phase shifts down into the erstwhile formian catacombs to dispose of the bodies. This assault leaves most of the remaining staff impressed with Sophone’s dedication to her new position and cements her place as Manager. During the coming days, Sophone quietly takes the entirety of the Inn’s staff aside one by one to release them from any bonds of slavery they may have been working under. Some bribes and back pay later, the bulk of the employees remain under the new management as free people.

Several days pass and the Gatecrashers enjoy more rest and relaxation – including some physical release on the part of the majority, save for Sophone and Vash – the Gatecrashers begin to wind up their holiday. Gerfried leads Olias and Vash to the place in the bazaar where he originally encountered Mister Deavers. They find no trace of him, his tent or even tracks indicating that he had ever existed. After a moment of pondering, they continue to the merchant from whom Vash purchased her new shoes. As Vash is taking her time with the merchant, Gerfried and Olias grow impatient. Up to the point where Gerfried is about to check on her and enters the shop to do so. Running directly into Vash, he turns to exit the shop and finds himself immediately accused of theft just because of his race. The constabulary are summoned by the shopkeepers. Gerfried, Vash and Olias all calmly explain what’s going on and the shopkeepers find themselves without a leg to stand on.


Three days have passed and the party led by Qixi has reached the valley of poppies – at it’s heart, the crater formed by the falling star holding (allegedly) the memetic ark. True to form, the Inevitable has been following the party…traveling apparently back and forth between the Keep and the party each day.

On this particular morning, the party spies the Inevitable moving to catch up with them as they descend below visibility into the poppy-laden valley. The group splits up – and the two guardians of the ark (immense “star dragons” as Gerfried calls them) move in for the kill. Indica, Sativa, and (seperately) Ko Lin flee from the shadow of the immense stellar creatures. Knowing that more is required for this plan to work, Qixi holds hir ground and waits.

Surprisingly, the dragon interacts in a fashion heretofore unknown in the Gatecrasher’s experience with these things – rather than exterminate Qixi, it demands tribute. Trembling, the young tiefling offers forth the Mask of Dispater that the Guild retrieved from the sunken elven capital. With a flourish, the star dragon tells hir to give it to it’s fellow and flies off to investigate the Inevitable that now crests over the hill.

Presumably refusing to offer tribute, the Inevitable and the Dragon engage in a very quick “fight.” The ground that the servant of Mechanus had stood upon was fused into a glass-like substance from the intense heat of the creature’s breath weapon. It’s over in six seconds. The other, smaller ‘star dragon’ accepts Qixi’s tribute and proclaims “you may pass.”

Not wanting to push hir luck, Qixi turns heel and makes for the east where, by nightfall, reaches the halfling town of Benobles – where the rest of hir party have already wound up.

The group return to the Inn and enjoy a final meal with Sophone before preparing to depart. The plan to return to Gatecrasher Keep is laid fully down, with Chouko agreeing to run reconnoiter with the cubic gate. After saying their farewells to Sophone, the rest of the Guild all gather to teleport to Absalom, their stop-over point to deter potential Inevitable pursuit from following them back to their base of operations on Golarion. Instead, they find themselves in a cold and rainy swamp somewhere far from their intended destination. While trying to sort things out, Vash hears approaching voices and quiets the group so that they can investigate. Pulling out of the swamp, Vash is spotted by a band of what turn out to be local peasants of the most superstitious variety. After talking them down from actual bowfire, she calls out the rest of the group. Clarice intervenes and gathers information about their whereabouts, finding that they have landed in Ustalav. Clarice explains hastily that they really need to leave, but also is called in to handle introductions. Upon introducing Tamlyn as a creature ‘directly from the Abyss’, the hostilities return. Clarice thinks a bit too impulsively and calls up an obscuring mist while the rest of the group hold position and actions. Tamlyn, however, takes advantage of a newfound ability to bring nightmares unto her foes and strikes one of the peasants completely dead of fear. The remainder of the party flee and, after a quick discussion, the Guild opts to get the hell out of there. Olias calls a teleportation spell to memory and the Gatecrashers pop back to Absalom…in particular an inn within the Ivy District that the party stayed at during their first foray into Absalom.

And so it is that the Gatecrashers have a nice dinner, get extended baths, and check back into the inn that treated them so well previously. Tamilyn and Clarice however take off into the rainy winter night to visit the Temple of Calistria and the Pathfinder Society grand lodge respectively.

The following morning, the party has breakfast – and Chouko takes the Cubic Gate upstairs with the intent on heading back to Gatecrasher Keep and checking the situation there. Instead, she winds up hitting all six sides of the cube before getting the right one. She passes into the main market at North Pole City, briefly manifests back on Golarion underneath the Sand Dragon Inn, appears in the Arcane’s realm of Union, arrives in a city extant within the cauldera of a volcano (!) and arrives on her homeworld – at night, a trade market centered on three Portals. However, while here her dreams stand realized – the night sky has errupted into colour as it appears that the white moon has spilled it’s contents of golden wine into the sky. Nebula-like, all six of the other moons are now backlit by the liquid cloud in the sky, proving that even common humanity can see the black or ‘demon’ moon.

Chouko at this hits the last side of the cube and arrives at Gatecrasher Keep. Rapdily she finds the handful of remaining servants and learns what has happened before flipping back to Golarion to rendevous with the party.

The rest of the Gatecrashers finish breakfast, clean out their rooms, and then teleport to the Sand Dragon Inn in Katapesh to await Chouko’s arrival there. Sophone puts breakfast on for them and Chouko marches upstairs – practically overflowing with the news. Immediately, the Gatecrashers return to the Keep (minus Sophone who just placed vast amount of food in front of them) and set to work. Vash does a brief circuit around the Keep and then she and Chouko immediately are dispatched to find what became of Qixi and hir party….

The Gatecrashers Go Shopping in Katapesh

Shortly after the tense negotiation, Olias summons a portal to the Arcane’s primary port using the cubic gate. An Arcane steps through, summons body guards and proceeds with concluding the negotiations. Sophone volunteers to leave ‘active duty’ status and take a semi-permanent position managing the day-to-day affairs of the newly acquired Sand Dragon Inn. The Gatecrashers rest for several days to recuperate from all of the recent ballyhoo and then go shopping.

Vash goes in search of a new bow and strikes out at negotiations, starting a trend wherein the majority of the Guild at large prove just how different buying, selling and trading is within the Katapeshi markets. Gerfried quickly finds himself nearly a total pariah and recruits Chouko’s assistance in selling the cube of force acquired from the group’s underwater adventures when looting the lost elven capital of Ptolistious.

While Chouko is wheeling and dealing for the cube, Gerfried finds himself privy to the staking of a market space by a mysterious vendor by the name of Mr Deavers – a dealer of curiosities of great power and mystery. After shuffling through this tent of wonders, Gerfried is sold on the idea of a set of what Deavers calls “thought armor”. Chouko, having just concluded business and arriving with a tidy sum, is soon drawn into the transaction. Gerfried agrees to the ‘upgrade’ and is shown back to an eerie chirurgery theater. Chouko is stripped of the Deck of Many Things for the protection of herself and all those around her and watches as Deavers sedates and then implants the ‘head gasket’ and attaches the incredibly bizzare thought armor. Gerfried wakes from a successful operation, claims the arc staff which was also included in the transaction and pays Deavers. Chouko helps him back to the Inn, whereupon they both tuck in for some sleep in the extreme heat of their recently de-air conditioned place of business.

Vash goes shopping again, while also trying to find a local equivalent to Freya if one presents itself. She finds herself lost in the streets of Katapesh and is quickly marked by a local ring of hoodlum children trying to shake her down for coin. She causes a small riot by forcing herself through and then throwing coins in her wake. Eventually, she arrives at the magical shops and buys a set of horseshoes of the zephyr – an item she means to pick up after customization the following day. On her way back to the Inn, she encounters a pair of Chelish nobles who impress upon her their tickets to a local coliseum sporting event of some great popularity. She enters and makes her way to the box provided by her tickets – only to find a set of local slaves on hand to attend her needs. After explaining that they are welcome to have the rest of the day free of their appointed tasks, the lot of them enjoy the games and an otherwise pleasant afternoon.

Meanwhile, Clarice finds herself drawn to the local Pathfinder Lodge. Settling in with food and drink, she drafts up a full report of her travels and travails from the months she’s been away from Golarion and then returns to the Inn.

Everyone is back at the Sand Dragon Inn when Olias seals a deal with an Air Elemental to restore the Inn’s famous comfort amenities, the air conditioning. He explains that the price for this service is that the elemental is privy to all spoken conversations within the Inn. Sophone proclaims a return to business as usual and the majority of the Guild – sans Gerfried, settle in for an early evening meal.

Meanwhile ...

The seven days since the rest of the Gatecrashers left finds Qixi bored and going through Gerfried’s early journals about the starfall and the Memetic Ark that he found at the site. After attempting to get Indica, her sister, and the remainder of the kitchen staff and the two Lin brothers respectively to accompany hir on an adventure to the crater, Qixi is bored.

This changes when the Inevitable returns early one morning, fresh from an apparent battle in the hells. The bizarre and frightening creature of brass and cold reason searches the whole of the Keep for it’s target but ultimately succeeds only in interrogating those present (most especially Qixi).

Thereafter, it assumes a position in the centerpiece of the keep’s inner bailey and….waits.

Qixi and the servants meet to discuss strategy (this time, no one had the silly idea of trying to attack it, even though both of the Lin brothers very much wanted to). Qixi, in a flash of inspiration, opts to take one of the Lin brothers and two of the halflings, rig a horse and cart and set out for the crater, hoping that the Inevitable will follow.

The Gatecrashers Encounter The Ant-men From Nirvana

After a good night’s rest, the Gatecrashers wake to find themselves hungry and wander down into the common area of the Sand Dragon Inn for breakfast. Gerfried and Clarice arrive first, followed shortly after by the others in no particular order. Shortly after settling in, the proprietor Shaheen arrives to invite the group to share the story of their arrival on Golarion. Chouko blanches at being put on the spot, but agrees a few moments later, whereupon the entire Guild are escorted down to Shaheen’s private quarters to share their story.

Chouko’s performance truly astounds the jann and his attendant formian secretary, who takes detailed notes of Chouko’s tale of planewalking and worldhopping. The group are invited to partake directly of the jann’s table, an exotic feast unrivaled by any most of them have ever enjoyed. During the meal, Vash takes caution to mention that formians are natives to Mechanus, the place of origin for the Mahrus… a fact which makes Olias take immediate notice.

After the meal, the group hastens upstairs to kit up in preparation for departure, expecting a Mahrut to arrive momentarily and make another attempt on Olias’ life. Instead, Olias and Chouko find one of the formians in their room waiting for them. The formian offers forth a deal, which Chouko intuits to involve hundreds more formians somewhere beneath the Inn itself. She is sent forth to let the rest of the Guild know about this possible deal, and after gearing down a bit the rest wait. Olias soon informs them that one stealthy person is requested to accompany him and their potential employer to a private meeting. Sophone joins Olias in the meeting and the two are led beneath the Inn. They are led through a secret door into some tunnels and almost immediately encounter a brass dragon – not yet fully grown but obviously still dangerous. The dragon seems to obey the formians, however, and does not attack. Olias and Sophone are brought before the taskmaster for a discussion of their potential employment in helping the formians return to Mechanus.

Meanwhile, bored once again, Chouko lets Tamlyn draw from the Deck. Tamlyn draws the Euryale card, but no one is certain what happens as a result. This does offer a highlight of recent behavioural changes in Tamlyn, as she nearly strikes the cards with Chouko’s soul-stealing blade – a gift which Chouko bestowed on her earlier in the day after remembering its effects on her.

The group otherwise bides their time while Olias and Sophone hold palaver with the taskmasters of the formian colony. The taskmaster requesting Olias’ presence dominates Sophone’s mind and tries to do much the same to Olias, but fails. Olias grows very upset at this attempt to coerce him and declares that any dealings are over and that he will destroy them if they persist in trying. A moment later he opens combat with an ice storm spell and instructs Sophone to run for the exit while he negotiates to free the brass dragon from its domination.

Olias’ familiar is sent to fetch the rest of the Guild and does so before any further Deck-inspired mishaps occur and the group in its entirety charges forth to do battle. Tamlyn does so with a certain glee and a great chaos is brought to bear on the the Inn and its patrons as the lot of them rush through the halls, common areas and kitchen. Chouko darts ahead magically to pave the way to the secret door shortly after Sophone opens it on the tail end of the dragon’s roar shaking the foundations of the Inn.

The group en masse rush through the door to the aid of Olias and Sophone shortly after Olias teleports the dragon to relative safety in the streets above – whereupon it immediately vents decades of pent-up wrath upon the populace of the city. He phases back through the soil in time to join the fray against hordes of formians of all shapes and sizes. Several of the party are bitten, stung or struck with spears during the extended battle, but in the end Gerfried gets to show off his newly found command over plasma in an explosive display of power and ends further combat by casting a cloud kill spell directly from his spellbook.

The party evacuate and meet with the very angry proprietor who explains that he has been working for the formians for centuries and that the bound dragon provided many of the famous amenities of the Inn. After some tense sword-point negotiation and a binding contract, the jann agrees to serve the Gatecrashers and by proxy the Arcane in the future.

The Gatecrashers Encounter Death And Return To The Road

In the aftermath of the Mahrut’s marauding of Gatecrasher Keep, the party further tend to their wounded and dead. The entire Keep staff and all Guild members evacuate to Mez’s Templekeep and lick their wounds – both physical and spiritual. Rendonna and Chouko are both mourning for Survillo in their own way, with Chouko certain that things will work themselves out. Over time, the party meanders on their on paths. Sophone goes in search of some physical affection to take her mind off of the heavy goings-on. Vash goes out for a bout of sparring for much the same reason. Qixi keeps to herself, as do Clarice, Rendonna and Gerfried. Olias and Mez, along with several of the temple’s staff, see to the resurrection of the fallen. The fallen Lynn brother rises and with a little bardic nudging, decides to devote himself to Lysander. Tamlyn rises with a sense that after her last death that she’d been pulling back, and determined to make the best of things this time around. Rendonna is called in with Olias and Chouko, and Survillo’s resurrection fails. Mez makes it clear that he is not willing to press the matter, as Survillo’s soul is spoken for. Chouko goes off to mope, taking consolation in her Deck of Many Things. She draws once to draw twice drawing the Star to enhance her bodily health and the Key to recall her Nine Tails Stealer to herself – directly from Olias’ scabard. In the aftermath of Olias’ sword going missing, Chouko wanders back to the party and explains that she once again has the sword. The party rests overnight at the Templekeep and returns to Gatecrasher Keep the next day after resting. Olias makes it clear that any who wish to remain may do so. Rendonna opts not to remain with Olias, leaving him in a foul mood.

Much debate goes into the decision on where to resettle the Guild’s base of operations, and Gerfried prompts the inquiry into why a resettling is needed. The group decides to return to their more nomadic and planes hopping ways without much further ado. Chouko is settling into depression during the packing of her belongings. Vash takes little effort to become fully mobile, as she tends to be wired that way to begin with. Gerfried and Clarice require the most time to pack, given the tenure of their stay at the Keep. Qixi, after half completing zir packing, decides to settle at the Keep – feeling that zie might not be cut out for the Gatecrashing lifestyle. Sophone is amazed by Tamlyn’s method of packing and then burning the rest of her room’s contents. Eventually, Sophone finds Olias and Tamlyn conversing about inconsequentials and then spies an unconcious and naked Clarice lying on the floor of Boss’ room. She goes in search of Clarice, finds her alive and well helping Gerfried and returns to query Olias about the unconcious Clarice. Getting an answer that makes no sense or comfort, she wanders off in something of a fugue. Eventually, the Guild gathers in the courtyard and Olias uses the cubic gate to plane shift them to Axis City. Arriving provokes a law enforcement response, to which Olias responds by plane shifting them all back home just in time for Chouko to explain that they have permits to operate the cube inside the city.

They all plane shift back by cube again, provoking a second response from the law. They’re escorted to processing so that Olias may fill out the requisite paperwork to continue trading operations through Axis City. As Chouko sees the length of the queue for processing, she invites Tamlyn to draw from her Deck and then does so herself. Tamlyn draws an unknown card, while Chouko draws the Death. A dread wraith materializes immediately and begins an affray. Chouko responds by drawing her Nine Tails Stealer and striking at the wraith, finding herself promptly drained of her own life force in response. Tamlyn joins the melee and finds herself similarly confronted, as do one of the law officers and Olias. After a few moments pass, Olias calls off the non-combatants so that he may plane shift those in the fight to the Positive Material Plane to even the odds. The fight proceeds apace and the guild and their unwitting comrade in arms return to Axis City to complete even MORE paperwork and explain themselves.

After further explanation, the entire guild are “invited” to spend the night in seperate cells. Gerfried passes the evening reading and working out arcane permutations, almost without realizing he’s in a prison at all. Clarice suffers the harsh realities of her cursed hunger, passing out well before being released. Chouko gets a tiny bit stir-crazy, drawing the Flames from her Deck of Many Things on the 11th hour of her 12 hour of imprisonment – apparently to no effect – then ending her incarceration by taking a nap. Sophone turns in on herself after finding that she is imprisoned, slowly growing more and more dissociated from reality though finding her time punctuated by a burst of screaming from a nearby floor. Vash also hears this screaming, though she weathers her time in a cell much more evenly – though the “food” disturbs her greatly. It becomes apparent much later that Tamlyn has attacked one of her jailors and was drugged into unconciousness immediately thereafter. Nothing is known to the Guild what Olias did during their time in a cell.

One by one, the night passes for everyone and Olias comes with liberation the next day. All recover from their travails pretty quickly, and in short order the Guild is shown out into Axis, whereupon Olias employs the cubic gate to take the entire group to what he believes to be Golarion. They arrive in a storeroom of some form, though Sophone quickly identifies the markings on several crates as Osiriani writing. Chouko is sent upstairs and finds a kitchen. Sophone follows quickly and they make contact with the kitchen staff. Chouko secures their attention with her bardic magic, making a much larger splash than intended in the very busy kitchen.

Sophone tries to talk their way out of the situation, only to find the Jann proprietor wanting to ‘escort’ them from the kitchen by shrinking them. Olias quickly makes sense of the mess by bribing the owner of what is now clearly a caravanserais with a massive handful of coins. The group are shown to a private dining room. After some social encounters and abrogation of responsibility, the group head up to their rooms and sleep.

The Gatecrashers Encounter The Mahrut

After an extended trip to Chouko’s homeland, Chouko along with Qixi, Sophone and Rendonna shift back to Gatecrasher Keep just in time to be a moment behind an arriving Mahrut who had just arrived to end Olias’ life. The arrival of the Mahrut woke Gerfried by shifting his tower at its foundations as well as drawing out some of his life energy. The fabulous Lynn brothers all fell during the initial incursion, along with Survillo. Sophone was put on her ass on arrival by the earth tremors heralding the Mahrut’s arrival. Chouko semi-voluntarily returned to fox form, but quickly charged forward upon realizing that the Keep might be threatened, crossing the rift in the walls in time to get a glimpse of the intruder and then rushing towards it with magically enhanced speed. The Mahrut vanished and Chouko retasked herself and the rest of her away party with damage control and stabilizing the fallen.

Gerfried arrived on the scene after chugging a potion of flight, hearing the commotion of Chouko’s cry for the fallen, he promptly launched himself across the courtyard and enlarged himself magically en route. Chouko stabilized one of the Lynn’s and then joined Gerfried in rushing towards the intruder, who had – moments before – leveled Olias’ tower with arcane lightning. Tamlyn leaps onto the creature ineffectually in an attack. Both Gerfried and Chouko arrive just in time for Olias to drop the Mahrut and then stuff it through a Gate to the quasi-elemental plane of vacuum with the admonition that it would return momentarily.

Moments later, the creature returns and dropped Tamly, Gerfried and Chouko with its spells. Gerfried woke up in a long-forgotten clone shell in Olias’ bag of holding, resulting in a severe bout of dissociation and body dysmorphia.

In time, all the fallen are either stabilized and brought around or laid out in the courtyard. Vash and Clarice are pulled from their retreat at Mez’s sanctuary and castle and returned to Gatecrasher Keep in time to assist with cleanup.

Isilya, the 12th of Lotesse
The archmage rampant, assails the Abyss and so finds himself again


While the Archmage Olias lays siege to Rosenstrasse to rescue Tamilyn, the rest of the party travel to the parallel world of Averoigne to recover the soul of Chuko.

Jade Serpent trumps Yellow Sign

134-321 p.e.

Perhaps an hour after dusk, Milton’s Folly – after having been lit for perhaps fifteen minutes – exploded in a blast of gold and green light that vaporized the top five floors.

Wil survives by dint of having a moment of divine warning and fleeing (whilest flying ) when the massive 20d6 blast takes out the building. A round before, Parthimar dodged the collapsing roof by literally rolling down the stairs and so it is with some grim humor that she becomes the only other surviving member of the crew of the Vengeance. Kairog died bringing the hurt to the last of Sea Lord Drac’s minions.

In the immediate aftermath, Wil recovers the Jade Serpent, the spear that Kairog had brought from the sunken temple to Yig, and a shell shocked Parthimar and the pair limp to the beach. In the excitement of the aftermath, the pair are conspicuously lost in the crowd.

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